MSP-35 Glue

Wood flooring Adhesive


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Bel-Air MSP-35 5-In-1 is a premium grade, environment friendly sound and moisture control MS polymer wood flooring adhesive. This adhesive cleans up very easily off the surface of hardwood flooring when wet or dry.  MSP-35 is a single-component product that can be used as an adhesive only or a 5-In-1 adhesive system solution. Containing zero isocyanates and low odor, this adhesive helps contribute to LEED credits.

Bel-Air MSP-35 5-In-1 is a system adhesive that allows for a one-day, one-step installation. Significantly reducing installation time. This next generation technology dramatically saves the installer time and the consumer money. This adhesive is recommended for residential and commercial applications.


Can Be Used As Flooring Adhesive Or As A 5-in-1 System

  • Concrete Moisture Control:
    • 15 lbs. Calcium Chloride
    • 85% Relative Humidity
  • Cleans Easily
  • Environmentally Friendly Adhesive:
  • Zero Solvents & VOC’s!
  • Cover 35 Ft.2 Average (See Trowel Information)

5 In 1 System:

  1. MS Polymer Technology
  2. Sound Reduction
  3. Concrete Moisture Control System (15 Lbs. CC | 85% RH)
  4. Crack Suppressant
  5. Isolates Cutback Adhesive Residue

Trowel Information & Spread Rate

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